Biotech & Pharmaceutical

Together, our expertise and experience empower us to succeed in the industry’s most cutting-edge biotech & pharmaceutical facilities. Our control team is adept at the technical issues inherent to pharmaceutical businesses.


Our commercial project experience covers a wide range of building and facility types. From office buildings, shopping malls, sporting facilities, or warehouses, we provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for the complex challenges inherent to commercial construction.


Earthwise’s proficiency and experience in educational buildings and facilities include grade schools, colleges and universities, campus housing, and specialty buildings. We are accustomed to providing disruption-free integrations and service during busy campus life or under seasonal constraints. Our carefully devised schedules and plans also maximize safety.


With unparalleled know-how, we provide environmental plant and facility integration and service. Our control systems will produce a positive impact on your innovative structures.


Our long-standing relationships with many area healthcare facilities enable us to succeed in every project. Earthwise completes all integrations and services with uninterrupted patient care and a focus on safety.


Earthwise’s integration process will cause minimal disruption to your daily operations so that you can continue to provide the level of hospitality your clients expect. Our experienced project management and safety-focused solutions will ensure that your building provides a comfortable environment with the benefits of energy efficiencies.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Manufacturing and industrial buildings need proper controls of their vital systems to support continuous production. Earthwise will ensure that your building is maintained, providing limited to no down-time and the best possible energy efficiency.


Our co-generation integrations provide innovative control systems to keep your facility running at top efficiency for maximum benefit and prolonged equipment life.

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