Control System Design

When it comes to monitoring and managing energy, environment, and equipment, we can provide the power of control, accessible from anywhere, at any time. Control systems for heating and cooling, ventilation, and lighting collect data from your facility’s equipment using sensors and monitors. Each system is then proactively controlled to increase operating efficiency, optimize energy usage, maximize comfort, and improve safety.


Data at Your Fingertips

Our graphic interface uses Tridem Niagra Framework, an intuitive, easy to use platform that provides maximum control for viewing data and making decisions. Users can create custom reports to display the critical information they need from the building operations. Your framework can be customized to fit your organization’s security policy, ensuring the utmost cyber safety and protection.


Interface features

  • Identify When Peak Usage Occurs
  • Compare Equipment Efficiency and Runtime
  • Unified Desktop, Tablet, and Phone Experience
  • SVG Graphics Library
  • Drag-n-Drop Dashboard Data

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