Lighting Control

Lighting control systems are an easy and affordable way to reduce energy costs and enhance building security. Control systems reduce the amount of ambient lighting utilizing motion and occupancy sensors, as well as scheduling.
By measuring light levels, systems can adjust lighting, maintaining a constant level for maximum efficiency.

Increase Sustainability

A building’s lighting can account for a high percentage of energy consumption. With concerns about a building’s environmental impact and climate change, many organizations are committed to using more sustainable solutions. Lighting control systems can make your building more energy-efficient, increase quality and productivity, and improve the ambiance of an environment.



  • Reduces Energy Usage and Utility Costs
  • Increases Safety, Security, and Productivity
  • Lowers Environmental Impact
Commercial lighting Control

Lighting Control for a New or Existing Building

Earthwise can design and install lighting control systems for new construction or integrate into existing infrastructure. In addition, your lighting and HVAC controls can be integrated into one web-based automation system that can be managed from anywhere. at any time. You can access data from occupancy sensors and hardware and software components to initiate a quick response to any problem area within your building.



  • Integrated Project Delivery or Design-Build Options
  • Complete Project Management
  • Service & Maintenance
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service

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