Earthwise Energy Technologies welcomes Intern Sean Kahler. Sean attends Massachusetts Maritime Academy and is an Energy Systems Engineering major. We asked Sean about his major, his future, and his experience at Earthwise…

I’ve wanted to be an engineer since the end of my high school career, and while discovering Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Energy Systems Engineering is similar to Mechanical Engineering, but with a focus on energy transfer and the production and distribution of different energy types, as well as the design process. This will allow me to explore a vast variety of engineering fields and opportunities.

My experience working with Earthwise has been nothing but rewarding and knowledgeable. I have never worked in the controls field and this opportunity to work with Paul Carter, General Manager, and the members of the Earthwise team has allowed me to expand my resume and become a more knowledgeable and well-rounded engineer. Instead of being placed on different projects throughout the summer co-op, Paul has assigned me to the renovation and redesign controls system project for the current Arden office expansion currently taking place. This allows me to see a project from start to finish.

Arden Building Companies welcomes back Intern Andrew Basile. He attends Western New England University and is a Mechanical Engineering major. We asked Andrew about his major, his future, and his experience at Arden…

“I chose mechanical engineering because I love to learn about the inner workings of everyday objects and their systems and to use that information, along with some creativity, to produce a useful end product.

For my future, I hope to find an application that I am passionate about and be invested in my projects so that I produce results that I am proud of.

My experience at Arden over the last two summers has been very informative in providing the view of possibilities while working towards a mechanical engineering degree and even once I graduate.
Working with Paul Carter, General Manager of Earthwise Energy Technologies has shown me the technical, controls side of HVAC, while working with Tim Elliott, Director of Design & Engineering at Arden Engineering Constructors provides a physical understanding of the systems. With the combination of both experiences, I have obtained a more complete understanding of HVAC systems and every step taken to keep them functioning. Arden has given me a great real-world experience that will definitely help me in the future.”